How To Help Your Kids Do Kindergarten Work

It is hard to believe, but today’s kindergarten student will have homework assignments. You need to be there to help your kindergartner, but make sure you do not do his or her work. To help your child in the kindergarten years have a designated work space, make the work fun, keep the work down to 30 minute increments, do not run into bed time, and never do your child’s work for him or her.

  • Have a Designated Work Space
  • Your child, no matter how young he or she is, needs a study space. Once your child gets used to homework and his or her space, the job will become easier to do. This space is now known as the work area. If the space is just for work, you do not need to worry about putting away the work or others messing with the work.

  • Make the Work Fun
  • At such a young age, the work needs to be fun or the child will never want to do it. Use puppets, make songs, or come up with silly ways to make your child enjoy doing his or her homework.

  • Do not Work Longer than 30 Minutes at a Time
  • A kindergartener cannot work for more than 30-minute increments. No matter how much child the work has, you have to break for snack, fun, or playtime when you hit the thirty minute mark of work.

  • Do not Run into Bed Time
  • Do not ever extend work into bedtime. The best thing you can do for your child is to establish a routine. That routine means honoring bedtime. The work not completed can be done the next day, but bedtime is sacred, always.

  • Do not do Your Child’s Work
  • If you did your child’s work, the job would be completed quicker. There would probably also be less stress for you and the child. However, you want to teach your child to do his own work and to be honest in the work he or she completes. No matter how tempting, do not do your child’s school or homework for him or her.

If you follow these five simple rules for homework and your kindergarten, you will find that homework soon becomes a fun snap for everyone involved. Always have a designated work space, make the work fun, do not work longer than 30 minute increments, do not run into bedtime, and do not do your child’s work.

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